Turn Your St. Helena Home Into A Smart Home

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    St. Helena Home Automation

    Full Spectrum Technology Group can help you unlock the potential of smart devices and consolidate management of your St. Helena home’s automated systems including lighting, music, shades, temperature, and other systems and devices. 

    We offer custom smart home management through Savant and Control4, two of the industries leaders for smart home technology. We can help you install a new smart home systems in your St. Helena home, or update and modernize existing systems.

    Install a simple touch panel in your home to manage it manually, or manage your house remotely using and iPhone, iPad, or Android. If you’re curious about what’s possible, reach out today for a free St. Helena smart home consultation.

    St. Helena Custom Home Theater Design

    Take your in-home entertainment experience to the next level with a custom home theater design & build from Full Spectrum Technology Group.

    Tell us your goals, and we will do the rest. We’ll help you make the most of your budget, design the system, obtain the equipment, and exceed your expectations, whether you are interested in a basic high end home theater and sound system or a completely custom, fully-immersive theater-style experience.

    If you are researching custom home theater options for your St. Helena home, a consultation with Full Spectrum Technology Group is the first step. 

    St. Helena Outdoor TV & Audio Installation

    One of the best parts of living in St. Helena and the Bay Area is the year-round, nearly perfect weather, and it’s only natural that we spend a good amount of time in our backyard and outdoor spaces enjoying it.

    Full Spectrum Technology Group can help you design & build the ultimate outdoor entertainment experience, from TV’s and speakers that are designed for outdoor use, with wireless options that will enhance and expand your outdoor living space.

    Make the most of your backyard and outdoor spaces with TVs, music, automated lighting, and other smart technologies with Full Spectrum Technology Group.

    St. Helena Home Security System Installation

    Home security systems have advanced considerably in recent years. Let Full Spectrum Technology Group show you what’s possible for securing your St. Helena home.

    We can help you design and install a security system that meets your St. Helena home or businesses unique security needs, complete with cameras and access controls. We’ll help you get setup with a system that is easy to control, activate and utilize, whether you are at home, or managing your system remotely.

    Reach out today to schedule a St. Helena home or business security system assessment with Full Spectrum Technology Group.

    St. Helena Automated Window Shade Installation

    Automated shades improve the look and functionality of your home, giving you the ability to better control natural light, maintain privacy & regulate your home’s temperature.  Plus, they are just downright cool!

    Full Spectrum Technology Group can help you plan and install the latest automated shade solutions in your St. Helena home, with lots of options to pick from.

    Contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss automated shade installation in St. Helena CA.

    Commercial Automation Business Security & Networking

    Full Spectrum Technology Group also provides a variety of commercial automation, video, audio, security, and networking services to business clients in St. Helena CA.  

    We’ll help you bring your office and workspaces up to date with the latest technological offerings from the world’s leading brands, including Savant, Sonos, Honeywell, Lutron, and more.

    Equip your conference rooms fully, with audio and video solutions that empress, lock down privileged spaces with key card access, and add surveillance to your most important assets.

    Whatever your objective, Full Spectrum Technology Group can bring the necessary systems together to make your tech work for you and your business.

    St. Helena Whole House Audio System Installation

    Full Spectrum Technology Group can help you design and install a whole house audio system to your St. Helena home that will impress even the most hardcore audiophile.  

    With wired and wireless options from brands like Sonos, Leon Audio Control and James Loudspeakers, we can help you find the best equipment for your expectations and budget.

    Speaker technology has come a long way, and speaking to the pros at Full Spectrum Technology Group about your St. Helena whole house audio system is a great first step. Bring us into the process early on, and we will provide advice and support for selecting and purchasing the right equipment.

    St. Helena Advanced Home & Business Networks

    We build and monitor networks for St. Helena homes, offices, and home offices. When speed and performance matter, Full Spectrum provides a high-grade, efficient network that’s capable of exceeding your demands.

    We also include remote monitoring to make sure your network’s integrity is maintained, and performing at it’s max capabilities.

    If your current St. Helena home or office network isn’t working to it’s full potential, reach out to Full Spectrum Technology Group for a advanced networking consultation.

    St. Helena Automated Lighting Contractor

    Set the scene for any room in your St. Helena house with automated lighting systems custom designed by Full Spectrum Technology Group.

    Implement scene based lighting control, and get the mood just right, whether you are entertaining a party, hosting a dinner, and settling down to watch a movie on the couch.

    Simplify turning on or off all the lights in the room, each with the proper setting, from a single touch. The possibilities are endless, and we’ll help you design an automated home lighting solution that works for you.

    Reach out today to schedule an automated home lighting consultation in St. Helena CA with Full Spectrum Technology Group.