Automation Controls

Automation designed for the customer in mind, capturing the potential of our smart devices and giving our customers the control of their system with the objective of consolidating interac-tions with devices onto one place. We even overhaul existing systems to fix or modernize exist-ing hardware into our system we build for you.

  • Control all Technology Systems easily through an IPAD, IPHONE or Android Devices or Install a Simple Touch Panel,
  • Custom Offering through Savant or Control4 
  • Remotely Managed and Supported 
  • Custom Scenes and Timers Built in to Controls

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Professional Audio & Video Systems

We will help you design a completely immersive audio and video experience. Whether your system is designed to impress customers or work for your employees, we will help you add music and video where you want it, with careful consideration paid to accoustics, design, and long term function.

  • Custom Engineered and Designed Audio and Video Systems
  • Digital Signage
  • Acoustical Treatment Design and Installation
  • Remotely Managed and Monitored
  • Lots of Options Available

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Advanced Monitored Networked Systems

We specialize in building and monitoring networks for modern offices. With an ever-expanding roster of smart technologies, we deliver a high-grade, efficient network capable of keeping up with higher demands without the cost of losing speed or performance. We then consistently monitor each network built in order to maintain its integrity for our clients.

  • Best Products in the Industry
  • Remotely Managed and Monitored
  • Safe, Secure and Backed Up

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Commercial security systems designed with your specific needs in mind. Protect what matters  most, with a system that is easy to use, remotely managed and monitored.

  • Remotely Managed and Monitored
  • Easy Controls and User Based 
  • Time Stamped 
  • Advanced User Privileges

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Effectively protect your office or commercial space with video surveillance. We will help you build and install a system that achieves your needs, and utilizes the latest in surveillance technology and capabilities.

  • Remotely Managed 
  • Advanced Al Analytics 
  • Secure and Safe Systems 
  • Multiple Options to choose from 
  • Custom Designed and Planned

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Access Controls

Access is everything! Full Spectrum will design a systems that gets the right people in the door,  and keeps the unauthorized out.

  • Remotely Managed and Monitored
  • Easy Controls and User Based
  • Time Stamped 
  • Advanced User Privileges

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Lighting Controls

Bring automated lighting to your commercial space to control energy use, increase security, and more. Add vibrant lighting that sets the mood for employees and customers – the possibil-ities are endless!

  • Scene Based Lighting Control
  • Set the right mood
  • Energy Conservation 
  • Customed Designed System 
  • Turn on/off all lights with 1 touch

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Shades & Blinds

Improve the look and functionality of your office or commercial space with custom automated shading. Motorized shading systems allow you to control the amount of light in your space, regulate temperature, and maintain privacy.

  • Custom Designed and Planned Systems 
  • Lots of Options Available
  • Energy Conservation 
  • Outdoor Options Available
  • Remote Managed

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Installation & Monitoring

When the installation is complete that is not where our job ends. We ensure that our systems are always functioning properly through system monitoring. Using a cloud-managed platform, we are able to view performance, maintain the integrity of devices and troubleshoot issues when they arise.

  • All System Remotely Managed
  • Client Controlled troubleshooting App
  • Over 50 Year combined Experience for Professional Installation

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