If you enjoy an indoor-outdoor lifestyle, smart home audio and visual design don’t stop at the exterior walls. Today’s homeowners require indoor and outdoor AV sources that defy the elements, which is why Full Spectrum Technology Group is excited – and proud – to partner with Coastal Source.

Full Spectrum & Coastal Source: Advanced AV Solutions That Defy The Elements

As a company cornering the luxury market on the design and Installation of smart home systems, home theater and audio systems, and more, Full Spectrum Technology Group understands 100% that our reputation depends on the caliber of our vendor partners. 

So, when we see a need we want to fill for our customers, we’re on the hunt for local vendors who can deliver the same quality of service and craftsmanship we do. Coastal Source is precisely that. 

High-Performance Outdoor Lighting & Audio

The Bay Area’s Mediterranean climate means we can enjoy the outdoors year-round. That said, without a full-climate approach to high-performance outdoor audio and lighting design, a little coastal mist or the occasional rain can put a literal and figurative damper on the outdoor lifestyle.

The team at Coastal Source has you covered. Just like Full Spectrum, they have decades of hands-on industry experience, yielding designs that solve real-world problems. Adding their outdoor expertise and intense environmental testing means our designs provide home and business owners with the industry’s most reliable, high-performance outdoor audio and lighting systems available on the market today.

Outdoor lighting designs for every occasion

Together, we create outdoor lighting designs that accommodate every need. While safety and security are the foundation of any home AV system (indoor or outdoor), artistry is a close second. Full Spectrum and Coastal Source ensure your outdoor lighting design offers the same level of function and ambiance as the interior of your home, ensuring you and your guests have access to high-energy uplighting as well as muted, intimate options on demand.

Audio solutions to enhance the mood

Any home AV company knows that audio solutions are just as important as lighting when it comes to enhancing the mood or energy of a space. However, outdoor environments are more difficult to control as a result of weather and off-property noise intrusion or the sound distortion created by interior walls and surfaces. 

Collaborating with Coastal Source means your speakers and audio systems serve up sound that is clear, full, balanced – and always within your control.

Optimize Your Outdoor Lighting & Soundscape

Are you ready to experience the same level of high-quality lighting and sound in your outdoor spaces as you do in the controlled home environment? Give us a call at (925) 498-8908 or schedule an on-site consultation.

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