The possibilities of automated lighting for your Walnut Creek home are always evolving, and Savant brings a true vision for what home lighting can be, and how it can add to our lives and our living and working spaces.

With Savant, it all begins with the user experience, and no other company pulls the many aspects of lighting together into a single innovative experience quite like Savant.

Lighting needs are constantly changing, and never static, and the Savant lighting experience uses well-designed controls that work harmoniously throughout your entire house. The control panel is very intuitive and provides outstanding performance and flexibility that is unparalleled in the industry.

Daylight Mode

Through Savant Daylight Mode, sunlight can be harnessed to improve mood and health. In fact, you can personalize your lighting to your circadian rhythms by utilizing geo-coordinates. By connecting to your internal biorhythms, Circadian lighting promotes well-being and health, feeding your imagination and reinforcing health through healthy sleep and wake cycles.

Brilliant Design & Lighting Combined

Savant has a number of innovative and sophisticated high-end architectural lighting products that are designed to fit perfectly with any style or d├ęcor, including recessed lighting and an extensive selection of color options.

Light strips made by Savant will allow you to add touches of light to specific places, for example a book case or along stairs to bring a special touch of creative elegance and style.

Whether you are a Walnut Creek homeowner looking to bring complete lighting automation to your home, or a business owner exploring the possibilities, Full Spectrum can help.  

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