top 10 smart home devices to make your life easier

We’re all looking for ways to make our lives easier and our daily routines less stressful. With today’s latest developments in smart home technology, we’ve never had more access to smart home gadgets that can automate time-consuming tasks. 

Why not have more time to focus on what you love? Whether it’s a technologically advanced security camera, pet feeder, clock, or sleep monitor, these devices will change the way people go about their days. Learn what they are, then consider these ten smart home devices to make your life easier.

What Are Smart Home Devices?

Smart home gadgets are devices that connect via Wi-Fi and often use voice control and remote, phone, or tablet commands to perform tasks. Many people start with a virtual assistant and smart speaker tool like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant, then add other devices afterward.

These devices can vary in practice depending on how complicated the technology is and what it can do for you. Some can improve the safety or efficiency of your home, while others can help free up your time or finish tasks when you want to be lazy. Either way, they’re amazing tools!

The Best Smart Home Devices To Improve Your Life

We’ve compiled ten of the best smart home devices for you to consider. You can connect your smart devices to your smart home hub, so we recommend starting there. Here are our top picks.

Smart Security Systems

A home security system alone is a wise investment and protection method, but a smart security system is even better. They have the best smart display and can sync up with any connected device, which allows you to review footage if you purchase monthly cloud storage.

You can use a security camera with night vision to track movements outside and to see who went to your door and at what time. You can even let people in if you have a smart doorbell.

Smart Thermostats

A smart thermostat lets you control your HVAC appliances with a Wi-Fi connected device. Not only will you improve your home’s indoor air quality, but you’ll also use less energy. You’ll save money on energy bills and experience the exact temperatures and comfort you want.

Smart Speakers

One of the first and most common smart home devices to make your life easier is the smart speaker. It uses a voice assistant to play audiobooks or songs. You can also check your daily agenda, add to your shopping list, or ask questions with the internet at your disposal.

Smart Light Bulbs

Although it sounds simple, smart bulbs are changing the way we think about lighting. Smart lights are available for indoor and outdoor lights and can automatically shut off lights due to your daily schedule or by pattern recognition.

Smart lighting is great for winding down and going to sleep, saving you from having to get up in the middle of the night to turn the lights on and off. You can even purchase smart hue bulbs to enjoy different colors and brightness levels, setting the mood for sleep or entertaining guests.

Many smart homes use a voice assistant or motion sensor to control their lights. You could also use a smart night light for your toilet to avoid going to the bathroom in complete darkness.

Smart Plugs

A smart plug can take a traditional device and make it into a smart one. If you have Wi-Fi, you can use a smart plug and plug-in fans, lights, and hair styling tools. With the help of smart tech, you can control them from a smart device as long as they are connected to the plug.

Smart Monitor

With the rising costs of everything, monitoring your energy usage is essential to saving money. This tool’s smart features tell you how much energy you use and where you can aim to cut costs in the future. It’s one of the top smart home devices to make your life easier.

Smart Locks

If you could use a reminder to lock your doors, consider a smart lock to make life better. A smart lock lets you control your locks remotely and also works with a voice assistant if you have one. It uses wireless technology and a smart display to keep your home safe and secure.

Smart Remote

Why use an ordinary remote when you could use a smart remote control? This is one of the most helpful smart gadgets if your family loves watching TV and movies. It also acts as a smart hub for some of the other devices that you can control with the push of a button!

Smart Hub

A smart hub acts as a central place to monitor all of your other devices. It’s especially handy if you’re running multiple devices of the same type and want one place to access them. Popular choices are Alexa, Echo, and Google Assistant, but there are many more.

Other Smart Home Devices

There are many other smart devices that listen to voice commands. You’re likely to find a smart version of common household appliances you use daily, such as refrigerators, coffee makers, and more. You can use a smart grill for your summer barbeque, smart scales to measure food, and smart air purifiers and cleaners to improve your home’s air quality.

We test smart home devices and also recommend the following:

  • Shades
  • Smoke detectors
  • Refrigerators
  • Sleep monitors
  • Wall clocks
  • Vacuums
  • Air monitors
  • Water controller or monitor

Enjoy Smart Home Devices With Full Spectrum Technology Group

Smart products are changing the way we live our lives and continue to improve each year. There’s no doubt you’ll see more appliances than what we’ve listed pop up in the next few years, simplifying previously painstaking activities. Things are only looking up from here.

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