A custom high-end soundbar from James Loudspeaker is a considerable upgrade over the audio system built into most modern televisions. Plus, they look awesome! 

James Loudspeaker specializes in custom soundbars, manufactured to your TVs exact specifications, both indoor and outdoor, including size and color. 

Soundbars add a quality of sound that is unmatched by TVs, reducing the amount of speakers needed throughout the room to provide a complete audio experience.  

In situations where the speakers need to be hidden, the soundbar from James Loudspeaker can be custom made to fit into the wall, under the fireplace mantel, or within the mantel itself! Best of all, they can be built to order within 48 hours in the United States.

Truly upgrading your home theater experience is more than just plugging in some speakers. Talk to the experts at Full Spectrum Technology Group about your project, and get help designing and building your new Walnut Creek home theater

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